New in 0.6.5

This is a summary of the changes between RoboHydra 0.6.3/0.6.4 and RoboHydra 0.6.5. For full details, check the ChangeLog.

Deprecated req.bodyParams

From this version, req.bodyParams is deprecated. Instead, use req.body (see below).

Added req.body

Add new body property to request objects. It will contain a parsed version of the body, if possible: for application/x-www-form-urlencoded requests, body will have the same contents as bodyParams; for application/json requests, body will have an object with the parsed JSON body, etc.

Added new passThrough option to RoboHydraHeadFilesystem

Add a new passThrough option to RoboHydraHeadFilesystem. When this option is set to true (default is false), any requests to non-existent files will pass-through to the next head instead of returning 404.

Added new admin priority for dynamic heads

This new priority (which can be passed to robohydra.registerDynamicHead()) allows placing heads at the very top, before the admin plugin. This is useful for eg. replacing parts of the admin UI, to protect it with a password, or to limit its access to certain IPs ranges.

Add robohydra/ to the plugin search path

From this version, robohydra/ is part of the plugin search path. That means that by default you can now write your plugins as robohydra/PLUGINNAME/index.js, in addition to the longer robohydra/plugins/PLUGINNAME/index.js.

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